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Have you ever just had a recipe come to mind? Something makes you think, “wow, I’ll bet those things will taste good together.” 

I am not sure what made me think of the new recipe that i came up with today. I made Spicy Cheeseburger Mini Corn Muffins.  I browned & spiced ground beef.  Then i added some jalapenos. You need to let the meat cool down & then mix in some cheese.  Now it is time for the cornbread. Once it is mixed up, you spoon in  some cornbread mix into a prepared mini muffin tin. (you need to spray it with non stick), then add the meat mixture. don’t make it too full. Top with another spoonful of muffin mix.

After they set up for a minute or 2, these little muffins come right out & are delicious. They turned out like jalapeno cornbread with cheesy hamburger in the middle.

This will be in the newest Love of Cooking: Beef book that will be out this week.

Don’t you just love it when an experiment works?

Tell me about a cooking experiment that turned out better than you expected.

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