Cookin’ With Kids!

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Okay, let’s be honest, cooking with children takes twice as long as just getting it done. Right? I have been in the kitchen with my very young children wanting to measure something for me in a glass measuring cup. All I could see was milk going everywhere and stitches in someone’s foot from the glass all over the floor. 

I must say I have always enjoyed cooking. I was that curious little kid in my grandmother’s kitchen and my mom’s kitchen. Thank goodness they both had the patience to let me spill milk and try again and again until I got it right.

To tell the truth because of them I was always patient with my kids. Both of them have fun in the kitchen. They are confident in the kitchen. They are now teenagers and don’t need my help in the kitchen anymore, but every now and then one of them will ask me to teach them how to make one of their favorite meals. Wow, does that make every spilled glass or bowl worth it.

Take the time to cook with a kid. Not only will it make you more patient, it will give a new generation a valuable skill and hopefully a love of cooking. Keep the cycle going. Who knows when a budding chef might be inspired.

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