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Maggie & Brooke is a mother-daughter team. Mom has been planning parties and cooking for crowds for all of her daughter’s life. Daughter followed suit by becoming a caterer and event planner with a hospitality degree. These Texas born women now live in Atlanta, Georgia. You will notice in their recipes a spicy southwestern style with a hint of southern charm. They cook and work together on a daily basis. Each of their recipes has been tested in their homes or the homes of friends & family. They are very hopeful that you love the recipes that they have added to this cookbook collection. Be on the lookout for more recipes to come. Buy their cookbook collection now for the LOVE OF COOKING!

Love of Cooking: Labor Day is our newest book in our series of cookbooks. If you enjoyed this book, please take a minute and go to Amazon and write us a review

We will be adding each of our books to the Our Books page as we publish them.
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