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Don’t Every Boil any soup that contains cheese.
The protein in the cheese will separate from the fat & water & cause the soup to be grainy. Lower your temperature & keep stirring. This will make your cheesy soup nice & creamy.
Re-crisp Greens in a Plastic Bag.
Rinse them w/cold water. Place them in a sealable plastic bag while still damp. Chill for at least 10 hrs in the Frig. They should be good as new.
A Spoon Full of Sugar Can Cut Spice!
If your chili or soup is too spicy, add a spoonful of sugar to cut the spice. Do this a little at a time Mix well. Keep adding sugar until it is just the way you like it.
Instant Potatoes are a Good Stew Thickener.
Add a little at a time until the stew is the desired thickness.
Add Celery to Beans to Help w/Gas.
Add 3 large stalks of chopped celery to your beans while cooking. This will help you digest the beans.

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