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Don’t Every Boil any soup that contains cheese.
The protein in the cheese will separate from the fat & water & cause the soup to be grainy. Lower your temperature & keep stirring. This will make your cheesy soup nice & creamy.
Re-crisp Greens in a Plastic Bag.
Rinse them w/cold water. Place them in a sealable plastic bag while still damp. Chill for at least 10 hrs in the Frig. They should be good as new.
Calm the Flavor of Red Onions w/Vinegar.
Quick pickle red onions in vinegar for 10min. This will make the flavor milder.
Instant Potatoes are a Good Stew Thickener.
Add a little at a time until the stew is the desired thickness.
Easy Way to Measure Honey
Spray the measuring cup with nonstick spray before measuring honey. It will come right out of the cup & be easy to clean

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